Entrepreneurship; Social Media; Digital Footprints; Online Safety

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Students as Self-Advocates: Why/How Learners Should Craft Their Own Digital Footprints

1 hour, half-day, full-day

Audience: K12 teachers, administrators, students, parents

When you last “Googled” your name, what did you find? All learners should ponder those results when considering potential colleges, scholarships, jobs, and even future mates. Is it better for the results to come up poorly or not at all? Come learn how we can help our children become more digitally literate and earn an A+ in Digital Citizenship.

At the Intersection: Project Based Learning, Career & Tech Ed, and Common Core

1 hour, half-day, full-day

Audience: admin, MS-HS teachers, career coaches

In this session, participants will explore the crossroads of Common Core, Career and Tech Ed, Project Based Learning and we’ll begin to create a plan that helps take advantage of these commonalities for the benefit of our schools and students.

Creating the School of Your Dreams to Create the Life of Your Dreams

half-day, full day

Audience: students, parents, educators, Middle School & High School

In this session, participants will examine how to utilize strategies and tools to discover and grab their passions. We’ll learn some tools for entrepreneurship and how to intelligently use the online tools of today to become master marketers. It’s about creating your own path.

6 Simple Steps to Strengthen Our Schools with Social Media

1 hour, half-day

Audience: administrators, K12 teachers, community, students

Looking for ways to energize your community? In a busy world of varied schedules, it’s tough to bring everyone together. Let’s learn very actionable ways to leverage social media tools for more than just sharing pictures of dinner and kitties. Participants will learn how to select the right tools for the job and leverage those tools to grow and engage a positive, active community that thrives both online and in-person.

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