PBL Workshops

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At the Intersection: Project Based Learning, Career & Tech Ed, and Common Core

1 hour, half-day, full-day

Audience: admin, MS-HS teachers, career coaches

In this session, participants will explore the crossroads of Common Core, Career and Tech Ed, Project Based Learning and we’ll begin to create a plan that helps take advantage of these commonalities for the benefit of our schools and students.

Getting Busy With It! Learning by Doing in a Modern Learning Environment

1 hour keynote, half-day workshop, full-day hands-on workshop

Audience: elementary & secondary teachers, administrators, parents

We know that in today’s world, it’s less about knowing all the facts and instead, being able to ideate, prototype, build, grow, learn, and improve. And there are many ways to help students master and internalize that process, no matter where they are. We’ll take a look at the exciting things that can happen as kids get excited about learning…and doing school in ways they never thought were possible.

Learning the Ingredients of PBL

half-day, full-day

Audience: K12 teachers, administrators, students

Project Based Learning is more than simply letters in the educational alphabet soup. PBL is a tried- and-true recipe guiding new and experienced chefs as they learn to excite their learners, create a caring classroom environment, and keep students asking for second helpings of learning! We’ll learn the difference between projects and Project Based Learning and how to incorporate required standards, as well as play with a few essential collaborative technology tools. If you’re looking for an active learning experience at the beginner’s level this is the session for you.

Building an independent mindset for students, educators, and community that enhances our PBL practice

full-day workshop

Audience: teachers (4-12), administrators

When implementing a PBL environment, students, teachers, and community go through a radical shift in thinking about teaching & learning that is not an overnight process. Both educators and administrators support a gradual shift from teacher-directed learning to more student-directed learning. This workshop will outline 10 practical pitfalls and parachutes to help our entire community balance and embrace the shift to independence.

Workshop goals: Participants will identify trouble spots for potential misunderstanding in their own communities with students, colleagues, administrators, parents, and beyond. Specific strategies will be shared to help students begin to take the reins of their own learning and how we can help the wider community ease the process. Each will leave with a community action plan where they can begin to affect greater change for their students.

Leaping Forward with Project and Problem-Based Learning!

half-day, full-day

Audience: K12 teachers, administrators, students

You get what PBL is; you understand the philosophy and buy in to the basics of integrated, real life learning that looks and feels different than a traditional classroom. You’re ready for the details of how to get this meal to the table! In this advanced-level session, you’ll see the prep, the launch, and the work from a learner’s point of view. We’ll focus on important topics such as time management, grouping assignments, and fostering independent and responsible learners, as well as creating community buy-in.

Learning by Doing: The Big 5 Must-Have Tools for Learning by Doing

1 hour, half-day, full-day

Audience: K12 teachers, administrators, students

As we move from sit/get lessons into more active and authentic learning projects (a la Common Core), EdTech tools will be leading the way! Come learn about the “Big 5” must-have tools for a stellar Project Based Learning classroom! (this is a broad view of 5+ types of tools, with many options for each type: video conferencing, collaborative documents, social networking, Google Alerts, blogging).

A Problem of Passion within PBL

Why aren’t all educators embracing authentic learning-by-doing and project/problem based learning? And what, if anything, should we do about it?

1 hour, half-day, full-day

Audience: PBL veteran teachers, administrators, students

Across the US, teachers are creating vibrant Project Based Learning Environments in their own classrooms. They report that students are excited to come to school to dive deeply into not only the required content, but even more! Both students and teachers are finding ways to connect their learning with other content areas and with the world outside of school.

However, not all teachers are embracing this dynamic approach. Why is that? You’d think more teachers would be clamoring to leverage the individual learning strengths of their students within a PBL environment.

Join Ginger as she explores what some of the reasons for this disconnect might be and then work with other education stakeholders to develop real plans to help our colleagues adopt Project- Problem- and Passion-Based Learning.

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