Apps in the PBL Classroom: a MACE13 presentation

Whether you have 1 iPad or a 1:1 environment, iPads are a useful addition to the Project Based Learning classroom. Come learn how to use these powerful tools to help kids connect to their learning beyond the simple drill & kill skills-level apps.

LiveBinder Shelf of resources for Project Based Learning
I have compiled these resources to help teachers look at PBL as “learning by doing” and that the use of apps is something that leads toward that “doing” end. While many teachers are focused on “math apps” or “history apps,” this collection is primarily focused upon aiding the development of skills and lifelong habits rather than simply mastering a particular academic skill set to pass a test.

Form for submitting strategy ideas
Participants are encouraged to share their learning connections from today’s session. Each entry will get them closer to one of 2 possible door prizes: a set of the LifePracticePBL recipe cards or a 2013 Podstock Tshirt!

Spreadsheet of participant-created strategies
We are sharing the collection of learning connections that the participants created so that we each can see more ideas than maybe what we would have been able to create on our own.

None of us knew everything, but we all shared everything we knew.”
Written by GingerLewman

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