FAQ: 7 Links to Inform Our Communities About PBL

Today’s post is another of the FAQ:
I received this question in my inbox today from a good Principal friend of mine. His school is pretty much 100% Project-Based Learning, but while his teachers and students are all bought in to the benefits of this model, not all of the surrounding community is. Nor, necessarily, are the teachers in other schools within his district even truly aware of what PBL is…and what it’s not. So this Principal and his staff are trying to provide quick and easy information for people to learn about PBL on their own. FAQ

“Dear Ginger, We would like to put a link on the school web page and elsewhere that would be beneficial in explaining PBL to parents of prospective students.  Do you have a recommendation on site(s) that would be good for that purpose?  Thanks.”

And in quick/easy format, this was my response:

From the Buck Institute:

From Edutopia:

A great video from the folks at BIE and CommonCraft:

A good beginner curriculum:

This ought to provide some good reading and learning for your community for awhile. Please do share this post with anyone you think might benefit from it. And do copy/paste the links if you’d like to include them on your website as well.
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