Finding Creative and Collaborative MindSpace

Today and tomorrow, I have the chance to work side-by-side and in-person with my PBL partner, Kevin Honeycutt. This used to be something that we did on a fairly regular basis, but since I left the classroom and he keeps leaving the country, our airplanes continue to cross in the clouds and we stay connected through texts, Skype, and well…that’s about it.  Ginger & Kevin

But today and and tomorrow we’re working together on another LaunchMe event, one of our products where we get to help people envision their own future selves and help them build the foundation to get there. It’s highly rewarding, if difficult, work.

And when Kevin and I work together on the same project in the same room, we get to compare where each of us currently is both cognitively and creatively, and how we each have polished our work and worldviews since we last teamed up. Because life on the road, school to school, gas station to gas station, airport to airport can be a rough abrasive which forces your ideas to become a polished product.

And then, on the occasion when we get a chance to mix our new polished versions of our similar work, it’s like coming home…but to a better place each time. LaunchMe is just one of those things. Each time we revisit it together, it keeps getting better and better. Our creative collaboration is like a melody and a harmony twining together on the staff, blending and dancing until the perfect pitch is created.

And that’s what true creative collaboration is supposed to be. Maybe it’s not about your weekly PLC/staff meetings. Maybe it’s not about putting ourselves into “high/medium/low” groups, or even using a jig-saw strategy. Maybe the highest forms of collaboration includes a great deal of individual work. Maybe it includes a short amount of together-time. But it’s always about blending the individual to the benefit of the whole.

And we grab it while we can. Because when it’s there, it’s priceless.

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