I Love STEM Teachers! Siemens STEM Academy, Aug 2014

It has been an honor to be the opening keynote today at the Siemens STEM Academy at Discovery Education’s Head Quarters right outside of Washington DC in Silver Springs, Maryland. The participants areSTEM PBL fun, sharp, energetic, and — my highest compliment for a teacher — they’re game! They’re ready and willing to try it, whatever it is. LOVE that attitude in educators.

Several folks asked for my slides, so I figured I would drop them here for anyone who cares to take a look:

Ginger’s Keynote Slides
These are in a pdf, stored on a site called — if you’re in a lock-down, block-down environment, wait til you get to open internet to download the files.

And as a super thank you to these amazing STEM Fellows and the super awesome coordinators, I’m looking at you Kyle Schutt, Patti Duncan, Steve Dembo, et al, I’m sharing out some of our STEM-flavored LifePractice PBL recipe cards. Of course,  all our cards are STEM-flavored if you want them to be, but these are a bit more … obvious. 😉

Download the LifePractice PBL cards for free
(Update: sorry you missed the free download week, but you can always see our cards at our LifePractice PBL website!)

If you want to see some of the stuff that is happening here, check out the Twitter hashtag, #stemin14

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