Is Our Routine Killing Us?

Is Our Routine Killing Us?


I find myself thinking about routine this morning. As I go through my morning routine, there are things that I do that have become automatic. As my brain wanders onto the unexpected of the upcoming day, my body switches to automatic, going through the routine motions of every morning.

Of course having an expected routine allows my brain to process thoughts and ponderings at a different level for more efficiency. Consider all the great ideas we have in the shower. When I was a child, my mom had wonderful thoughts when she was ironing. Having routine in our day and in our workspace allows for systems to be developed and efficiency and productivity to skyrocket.

 Routine is a wonderful thing.

Until it isn’t.

Routine can, for some, become a velvet spiderweb. We can enjoy the efficiency and comfort that routine affords us. It can be wonderful going through a complicated life with minimal surprises.

But for many people, this routine can trap us, ensnare us, until we’re so comfortable and lulled to comfort, that we don’t see the danger that approaches us. Sometimes the danger is complacency. Sometimes the danger is taking things for granted. Sometimes the danger is a lack of passion.

This can happen in marriages. This can happen in health. This can happen in workplaces. This can happen when we find ourselves in most need to work toward change. To struggle. To begin fighting to get out of the trap of routine. But resting comfortably, lulled in our velvet spiderwebs of routine, the dangers are still very real. Sometimes we awaken to our situation and begin to struggle. Sometimes the struggles begin too late — or not at all — and the dangers overtake us. Routine -- the velvet spiderweb

It seems the trick is finding the balance between the efficiency of routine and the joy of the unexpected. The potential of the unknown. The personal growth required in change.

My challenge for myself today is to consider my routines and the routines of others. To consider the need for routine. And to consider the opportunity for change should it present itself.

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Written by GingerLewman

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  1. I suppose it depends on where the routine is taking us? The past few months I’ve been learning to do something I would never have chosen for myself. It’s a work thing. You know how they go. Growth mindset in hand it’s one speed bump after another. It occurred to me that it’s routine to my peers. Plus, are we doing the wrong things right? Can routine be value added? Like you say it lets us focus on the important stuff. Only, if we go through any life once, does routine blind us to little things that might lead us to wow? I’m a big fan of tangents.

    The next several days will be funereal: my sister passed so family is getting together to remember. Thank you for sharing.

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