Kids Arguing in Groups? QuickTip Idea

Just a super-quick tip today about helping kids learn to figure out how to get themselves out of grouping gridlock and get moving forward! 

students, grouping, happyWhen kids are learning to work in Project Based Learning groups (or any groupings), it’s inevitable that two will get into a strong-headed disagreement. Neither side will budge and soon the argument starts to be more about pride and personality and less about the idea at hand.

So what do we do? What can be done that helps kids over the argument hump and role models a better way?

Why not start by asking each kid to share 2 ways that the other kid’s idea will work. They are able to see the situation from the other’s point of view and add their own small improvement, while keeping the spirit of the original idea alive.

Suddenly, the group has several ideas that all parties can buy into because they all had a hand in developing it. And progress starts to happen.

Try this the next time a stalwart situation begins in your classroom and tell us how it worked!

…now I wonder if we ought to have kids share this tip with Congress?

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Written by GingerLewman

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