Kids Will Love STEAMmaker Camp

I have the privilege of coordinating a STEAMmaker Camp this summer for teachers and students. How cool is that?

What is STEAMmaker camp, you ask? It’s is a cool, geeked-out summer camp held here at ESSDACK in Hutchinson, June 9-13. You know how some kids go to a sports camp during the summer? Yeah. It’s a lot like that. Only this is for the kids who dig the idea of being scientists, techies, engineers, artists, designers, and mathematicians. It’s for our kids who are Lego or Minecraft-obsessed! It’s for the kids who are always drawing and doodling. It’s for budding musicians.

If we send kids to sports camps in the summer, why not send others to a fun tinkering camp?

If we send kids to sports camps in the summer, why not send others to a fun tinkering camp?

But it’s also for the educators and parents like you who love those kids and who want to learn how to bring more of that type of building/tinkering/thinking environment back to their schools. We’ll be thinking, ideateing, prototyping, building, testing, and publishing answers to challenges. And the best part? The teachers aren’t hanging out on the sidelines…we’re embedded participants on the teams too!

As I mentioned, it’s June 9-13, here at ESSDACK, all day long and even into the evenings, where kids can choose to participate in planned social events or just keep building. We hope that they’ll want to continue building, but we’re also planning optional fun field trip events too. We figure many teams will be staying in a hotel, so want to be sure kids are working all day and CRASHING when they get back to the hotel!

If this seems interesting to you, you can read more details about it here. And let me know if I can help answer questions!
And if you know someone who might be interested in putting a team together, we’d love it if you’d pass it along to them!

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