Leadership in a Modern Learning Environment and Educational Change

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Creating Schools That Kindle the Inner Fires of Learning

1 hour, half-day, full-day

Audience: admin, K12 teachers, parents, students

If we believe that students should be ignited by the flame of learning inside school, then we need to find what ignites their passions. In this session, participants will learn how to create intellectual sparks with passion-based learning and how that shifts the focus of learning in the classroom from teacher-centered to student-centered. Participants are also introduced to the concept of “Optimal Ambiguity” as a prime state for empowered learning.

Asking the Hard Questions About Educational Change

1 hour, half-day, full-day

Audience: School Community Leadership (admin, K12 teachers, community, students)

This presentation engages school leadership in conversation about the current educational norms and the purpose to them. Participants consider which norms are there because of tradition, which are there because of need and which are there because of the law.

Today’s Modern Learning Environment: more than a new coat of paint

1 hour keynote, breakout

Audience: School Community Leadership (admin, K12 teachers, community, students)

Today’s kids have one foot in yesterday’s values and one foot in tomorrow’s realities. Our responsibility as community leaders is NOT to find a secure balance across that chasm, but to create opportunities for them to take a smart leap into tomorrow with yesterday’s values ingrained! But it’s no small task to make that shift. What are your schools doing differently today to get students ready for their tomorrow? Are you making real changes or are you just repainting the same old house a different color?

This high-energy keynote highlights various classrooms and instructional practices that are winning in schools across Kansas, right now. Kids aren’t just compliantly attending classes in these schools; they’re clamoring for more. Come learn the gamut of possibilities and how you can lead your community into tomorrow.

Leadership in a Project Based Learning Environment

half-day, full-day

Audience: K12 teachers, administrators, students

This workshop asks leaders to consider the must-have skills and dispositions that a leader must cultivate in him/herself while firing up the potential of the staff. We explore the hard questions and how we as leaders help our communities envision a better way.

Trending Topics: What’s Next?

1 hour, half-day

Audience: administrators, K12 teachers, community, students

Looking into our magic crystal ball, what emerging trends will the future hold in the world of work? And how can educators and school give the push that our kids need to not only use but to also develop these innovations? Join Ginger as she looks into the next generation of innovations for the next generation of kids.

Hooking Your Community Deep in the Gills: Gamification in Education

1 hour, half-day

Audience: administrators, K12 teachers, community, students

What is it that creators of video games, retail stores, online social networks, and marketing gurus use to keep their audiences consistently coming back for more? And can we leverage some of the same techniques to get our communities more deeply involved in our schools? This session helps us learn some of the gamification strategies that marketers are using, while participants actively explore options for schools.

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