A Little Boost For Those Starting Their PBL Journey

A Little Boost For Those Starting Their PBL Journey

So you’re exploring more about Project and Problem-Based Learning? And for whatever reason (doesn’t really matter why right now, does it?), you’re not getting a ton of support in the professional learning department. I get it. There are many teachers in the same boat as you. And while that might be somewhat cold-comfort for you, there are places you can go to feed your brain with quality information, examples, and support.

*Incidentally, there are also a lot of places you can go to see things that seem like PBL, but actually aren’t. I’m looking at you, Pinterest and TpT.

But happily enough, I feel your pain and am here for you because I once was you!

First off, what is PBL? Project Based Learning? Problem Based Learning? And how is it different from the projects most teachers do? Good start!
Check out: 12 Ways to Know if You’re in a PBL Environment or Not and this video, whose beginning you can forward through…


Ok, so let’s see some PBL in action, yes?
Elementary level: From Worms to Wall Street

Secondary level: Reinventing a Public High School with Problem-Based Learning


Nice stuff, right?

So are there examples of PBL units that you can modify and use? SURE!

Intel Teacher Showcase for ages 5-18

Buck Institute for Education’s Project Search database

Helping Students Become Engaged Citizens by Suzie Boss from Edutopia

LifePractice PBL recipe cards for all content areas, elem – high school, and fully customizable


So you have unit plans, but what about the daily realities?

Listen, you could write a book about the daily realities of the PBL classroom (in fact, I have, called Lessons for LifePractice Learning that teachers are LOVING), but we want to keep this brief, right? I gotchu!

Lessons for LifePractice Learning on Amazon for either paperback or Kindle version

PBL Kickstart Challenge an online webinar series of 4 bite-sized Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking Through Project Based Learning from my friends Jane Krauss and Suzie Boss

PBL Starter Kit from BIE for MS/HS

PBL in the Elementary Grades from BIE


Now you’ve read the blog posts, you’ve watched videos, you’ve looked at lessons, you’ve read the books. How about a live, responsive, and dynamic community? Sure! Join in with real practitioners for near-immediate Q & A response!

LifePractice PBL Facebook page

Practicing PBL Facebook group

Australian PBL Network Facebook group — they may have different outcomes for learning, but they speak English and are awake when we in the US are up late fretting. And PBL is PBL everywhere!

Twitter #PBLchat


This last batch of links is probably the most important part of this entire list of resources because it’s always improving with educators who are in it for kids every. single. day. Just like you are. And when there’s been a discovery or an improvement, you can be in on it immediately. And you can go as deep or often as you like to these networks-as-community-wells-of-learning. If you need help getting involved, please let me know. 

I believe in you and the work you’re doing for your kids. Please reach out to let me know what questions you still have and what needs are missing from this list. 




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