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Tech Integration Support

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I believe that teachers teach how they are taught. So if we want teachers to be using the tools of today and tomorrow, we want to use these tools in our professional learning so they can begin to feel the power that technology can bring to our learning and lives.

My tech story:
In the Fall of 2006, I started a school that was 1:1 laptops with an emphasis on Project Based Learning. When I was hired for the position, the interviewers asked me if I was good with technology. I said yes, thinking of my comfort levels with the Microsoft Office Suite, surfing online, and having the ability to actually put attachments to emails. What they failed to clarify was if I was comfortable being the tech support for the 1:1 program, so if anything went wrong, I could fix it. Or if I was comfortable making videos. Or podcasts. Or teaching my students to do that. If they (or I) would have asked, it would have become quite clear we were speaking different languages!

So blindly, and without complete clarification of what I was getting myself into, I became “baptized by lava.” In that first year, I did have some outside “wires n pliers” support, but I was learning fast about using the computers to their fullest capacity inside the classroom. By 2009 I had become a Google Certified Teacher (now called Google Certified Innovator), and we were pushing the limits of what our little MacBooks could do with live streaming, 3D games building/model rendering, and connecting teachers, students, and community with constant communication channels of every variety in and out of school hours.

What I learned in those first few years about how to facilitate a digital learning environment have been immeasurable in helping other teachers take their first steps across that divide and navigate toward their own successes. I remember the panic and the long hours of trying to figure it out. I remember the relief that came from finally being able to connect with and learn alongside other educators around the globe via the brand-new Twitter and Skype applications back in 2007. The iPhone and iPads were introduced to the world and my school as we began down the path of mobile learning options. Now affordable and capable Chromebooks and wearable technology devices are breaking new ground and I’m still learning.

Together, we created policy and possibilities and it’s my honor to share my knowledge with others. And honestly, I’m keen to have your community join our online educator communities so we can all continue to grow from every added voice. Let me help you get there.

Workshops and keynotes to support education technology

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