Practicing What We Preach (yet again)

Reflective thinking. Reflective Practice. Responsive growth.

One of the categories of my blog here is called “Reflections of an Edupreneur.” It is mostly about me, my thoughts, my growth in this new direction. And so now I’m taking a new path in this approach. I’m very uncomfortable with creating reflective videos, but hey, it’s about pushing boundaries, right?

Check out this 2 minute video, my first attempt. And be gentle. And consider answering my ending question(s) with your own vlog. And then tweet the response with the #reflectivepractice hashtag. And thank you to my buddy Ben Wilkoff for pushing me to grow.

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Written by GingerLewman

  1. I love the idea of using the #reflectivepractice hashtag for all of this learning. It can go in so many directions, but it is really focused on the practice itself, which is awesome. Thank you!

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