Sarah Wyckoff Rocks!

Sarah Wyckoff Rocks!

So I received a contact from this website a few days ago…

Hi Ginger,
I follow you on Twitter and read your blog post from Aug. 31st about gifs and a lightbulb went off. I did a project for my 1950’s unit in which students created gifs to summarize topics. Here are two that turned out good. (they are both over women’s roles in the 1950’s) I thought I would share and thank you for sharing your ideas. tweet

Sarah Wyckoff
American History History
Effingham High School
Effingham IL tweet

This tickles me to pieces! And yes, I know that’s exactly the sort of phrase an 80 year old grandma would use. 

Ideas for integrating little pieces of technology are all around us. You see kids using some tech for silliness and time wasters? You can tell them to stop and put it away. Or you can take a moment and consider — how could I use that silly thing that kids LOVE to play with and leverage that interest for learning? Sure it’s not a change the world lesson…or maybe it is. Maybe it’s that one thing that that one kid is really good at and how s/he knows you care. You gave him/her a chance to shine. Maybe it’s a tiny crack in the door that eventually opens to a kid’s heart. You don’t know unless you try.

Sure, it’s not a big thing. But that not-big-thing could be a real something for some kid.

Thanks for taking a chance for your kids, Sarah Wyckoff of Effingham High School!

See the original blog post that inspired Sarah here: .gif Me Some More Learning 









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