Seeing the Opportunity, Taking the Chance, Making the Difference

I read a post in the Wall Street Journal this morning that described the quintessential entrepreneurship by opportunity. The article describes a back-and-forth tote bag war where humorous sayings that poked fun at Americans, then at the British in response, were designed into bags and then sold to British and American Olympics visitors. The market window for this group will likely open and close as quickly as the Olympic Games, so the crafty entrepreneurs are obviously moving fast!  U.S. vs. Britain in Battle of Tote Bags

This is precisely the situation that Kevin Honeycutt and I illustrate with students and educators in our Student Entrepreneurship program, SuperCool StartUps. The message is to help kids recognize their own interests and talents, where to apply those in this niche world, and then, perhaps most importantly, how to capitalize on that market, or any market, with little to no startup money using online tools available to any kid at any school.

Kevin’s Store of Student Products


With 60% of college grads unable to find a job in their degree field in today’s job market, things in schools have to change. The path we approach “preparing kids for their futures” might need to have a detour in it, circumventing some — if not more than some — of the current educational curriculum and model. And Kevin and I love working with educators to assist them in helping their kids find and forge that new path. The tougher the kids, the bleaker their outlook, the better!

To thrive in today’s world, we’ve gotta think ahead, market well, and grab that chance when it comes! The person who hesitates misses out on the chance to make a difference.

And just in case you’re interested in buying any of those totes, you can get them here

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