STEAMmaker and maker education workshops

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Build a Customized STEAMmaker Camp and other MakerSpaces

This stuff all around us? It was invented and built by people. And I’d like to think it was invented and built by people no smarter than we are. So why can’t we invent and build stuff too? What makes us think we need some sort of special tool belt? Some special gene? Some special studio? There’s absolutely no reason why can’t we start right here and right now. No reason at all.

STEAMmaker Camp

1, 3, or 5 days

Audience: teachers and students in grades 5-12; administrators, curriculum leaders, community leaders

STEAMmaker: Science, Tinkering, Engineering, Aesthetics, & Mathematics + the Maker Movement in education

In today’s modern learning environments, it’s less about sit-and-get and more about learning by doing. This exciting day camp can be customized to fit your available time schedule, while still exposing your audience to how to this dynamic learning environment operates. Contact Ginger for how to customize your event.

Learners, Makers, and Doers

1 hour, half-day, full-day

Audience: teachers, grades 5-12; administrators, curriculum leaders

Join in as we review what a MakerSpace is and how to set one up in a brand new environment. Learn the essential tips & tricks, as well as essential resources for ensuring success…all while still following a budget!

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