Teachers Teach How They are Taught…and that CAN be a very good thing.

This is a nice article I found in the ASCD Smartbrief Newsletter today. It highlights a small group of teachers who got to attend a workshop at Shedd Aquarium at the end of July and that they got to build an underwater robot. The participants shared all that they’d learned in Science, Math, etc and that they were excited to take the robot back to school this school year to let the kids play and learn with it!

Cool! I love hands-on professional learning!

underwater robot

underwater robot (Photo credit: eyeliam)


The only thing wrong with the learning described in this article is that the robot was teacher-built instead of student-built. 

But I guess the teachers who built it seem interested in not only playing with the robot with kids, but maybe, if you read the last few sentences, having kids learn by building something too. But the interviewed teacher  doesn’t know what yet. 

Until then, I guess they’ll play/learn with the teacher-built robot. 

Carl Sandburg teachers learn robotics – Freeport, IL – The Journal-Standard.

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