Teachers: What's the most important year?

GazeToday’s post is short, I promise.

Fellow educators, I have a simple question for you…

And after I ask it, you might pause to consider your answer(s). You might also pause to predict what other educators might say. And you might take a moment to consider why they chose that particular answer.

Are you ready?

Which year do you think is the most important year of a child’s school life?

What’s your answer? Why?

What do think Elementary teachers might say? Secondary?

How about Math teachers? FACS teachers?

How might an Art teacher respond? A Counselor? A Principal?

So what do you think? What’s the most important year of a child’s life?

Because from one educator to another, I think a pretty good answer is, “the year s/he is in my classroom.”

That’s the most important year. So what are you doing about this year?

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Written by GingerLewman

  1. Some initial research is showing that 8th grade is the most important…the character that they leave with from 8th grade is the one they possess as an adult.

    It is the perfect age in which they still have hope…they are still searching for heroes….and they still believe, even if it is just a morsel of their soul, that they can change the world.

    However, the correct answer is…the most important year is whatever one that you get to spend with a child 🙂

  2. Ahhhh…I totally answered before reading to the bottom of your post (should I admit that) and now see you said the same thing.

    • Well at least you read it and replied here. Some just read the title and answered on Facebook and Twitter.

      I swear someday I’ll make a funny post about that. 😀

  3. Each and every DAY is important.

    • I like that! Yes, it is.
      What a ton of pressure on our shoulders. Glad that most days are a lot of fun, though!

  4. Being an elementary music teacher who sees them much less time per week for more years; I simply thought every year.

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