You Can’t Say You Empower When You’re Taking Control

You Can’t Say You Empower When You’re Taking Control

“Hey, what’s going on over there? Do you have your assignment finished yet?” 
 “Stand quietly in line with your hands to yourself!”
“Do you have permission to be in the hallway?”
“Would you PLEASE stop flipping that bottle?”

“Hey, put that spinner away.”
“Let me see your hall pass.” 
“No talking during lunch.”
“Go get a tardy slip.”

Empowering and Engaging Kids

I get it. We have to keep kids safe while they’re at school. We have to create a learning environment where everyone can learn. But if we want our students to take more responsibility, to be empowered learners, to be able to take an informed stand in the world, we must find a way to let them practice this at every opportunity when they’re with us.

Otherwise, what are we really saying? What are we really doing to them?

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Written by GingerLewman

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