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Ginger in action

Thank you for your interest in my work and my website. Here, you can learn a little more about the work I do. Please feel free to use these bios, photos, videos, and descriptions for the marketing of our event together.

What am I passionate about?
I’m passionate about helping educators rethink what teaching and learning can be in today’s world.

What makes my heart sing?
There is nothing better than watching the face of a teacher, or a group of educators, or an entire school, as they watch their kids get excited about learning and doing things they never thought was possible. I know exactly what that feels like from the perspective of the learner, the teacher, and the school leader. It’s the most awesome thing in the world. Because in that moment, everything is possible. It’s the best feeling of possibilities for all involved and they will want to do it again.

Developing the LifePractice PBL Model
Project Based Learning has been my passion for the past decade+, creating a PBL school and the Life Practice Model we used. Working with authentic and engaged learning in all aspects of school and by crossing both the academic and the social continuum, the students, staff, and I created a supremely democratic educational environment. Learners of all ages became empowered with a thoughtful voice and truly loved coming to school each day. I’m ready to share with you the steps that it took to develop a true community of collaborative learners; staff, students, and parents together.

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