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In a room by ourselves, we’re as smart as we can be. But when we add another person to the mix? Suddenly our experiences, knowledge base, and brain power doubles! Add a few more people and soon, there is no end to the possibilities that a community of brains, pulling together, might be able to accomplish!

Working together, we are each smarter and stronger.

Ginger and KevinKevin Ginger Laughing

By nature, I’m a collaborative soul and deeply enjoy working with other educators who are on a similar mission to help all kids love learning. And in this position, I’ve been fortunate to work with some incredible people.

Kevin Honeycutt has been my closest edu-partner for more than a decade as we’ve collaborated to build schools, programs, and curriculum for K12 education and beyond. The synergy that, together, we bring to schools is beyond compare. “Hook ‘em and cook ‘em” is our motto for those ready to grow into the possibilities of the future. While we can each inspire teachers as well as help them work through the hard daily work, having Kevin and me work together simply brings a spark and magic that alone, isn’t there.

Some of the learning we support:

  • Project and Problem-Based Learning for All Learners
  • Inspiring Passion from Within
  • Trends, Tools, and Tactics for the Modern Learning Environment
  • Nurturing Creativity in All Learners
  • The Forgotten Kids in Our Hallways
  • Entrepreneurs Every Day
  • Creating Truly Democratic Classrooms
  • Launch Me for Teachers — taking your game to the next level
  • Launch Me for Kids — aligning kids with their potential and helping them lighting the fuse

Ginger and Katie
In 2013, I started building the first STEAMmaker Camp, helping to bridge teachers from STEM to maker education for 5th-12th Partnersgraders. In 2015, Katie Perez joined the ESSDACK team. We began putting flesh on the bones of STEAMmaker Jr, our camp for K4 teachers.

Katie’s 13 years in elementary education brings a vitality to the STEAMmaker Camps, helping push educators to believe in their own power to change their systems. And also, she’s just fun!

Learn more about STEAMmaker Camps.

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