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This stuff all around us? It was invented and built by people. And we’d like to think it was invented and built by people no smarter than we are. So why can’t we invent and build stuff too? What makes us think we need some sort of special tool belt? Some special gene? Some special studio? There’s absolutely no reason why can’t we start right here and right now. No reason at all.

STEAMmaker Camp is intense and immersed professional learning where teachers, alongside their own students, learn how to shift from teaching in a typical STEM classroom to create and operate a makerspace in their own schools. This is all about being hands-on.

At STEAMmaker Camp, teams of teachers and students come together to experience a makerspace event. Various modules are included on a rotation, such as 3D modeling and design; electronics and circuitry; robotics designing/coding/programming; music producer; wearable technology, and more. Each camp can be customized by module to fit the length of the camp, the number of participants, and the needs of the client.

At STEAMmaker Jr, elementary-level teachers get to learn all about how makerspaces can be utilized at their level to support deeper learning of our littles! With STEAMmaker Jr, the modules and planning is focused for younger students and what they are capable of making so teachers are able to go back to their classrooms and help their kids to start making right away!

All teachers leave a STEAMmaker Camp KNOWING how a makerspace can be managed; UNDERSTANDING how a makerspace operates regarding time, space, activities, materials, and academic learning; and ready to begin BUILDING their own programs in their own schools with a seed set of students who all have a common understanding of operation and the exciting engagement.

Grade levels:

STEAMmaker Camp, grades 5-12

STEAMmaker Jr, grades prek-4

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